Hello world!

Welcome to my Blog.

I am a Martial Arts Instructor and School Owner. I started out as a husband, Father and a “guy with a Regular Job”… who happened to start taking a traditional style of TaeKwonDo.

I had worked in Production, Sales and Management in companies that ranged from family owned enterprises to Mid-Cap 400 companies.

When I was first starting on the Black belt Path, I recognized I had unconsciously applied  a Martial Arts Mindset to my work, and was reaping unexpected benefits from it.

As I ramble through things,I will be focusing on Personal Development.

This will entail many aspects of Self Improvement.

While I will spend some time writing about Leadership and management concepts, I will also cover topics including Diet, Exercise and Attitude.

I invite you to read, share and contribute content that is compatible to this topic. While I concede that some topics will be “down to earth” I do not anticipate wallowing in the mire of Negativity.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me.



Author: TKL-Bob1

With degrees in Biology and Economics, Bob represents a Business Oriented, Martial Arts perspective on life, a career based on a hunger for lifelong learning, and a passion for teaching. Prior to becoming a full time Martial Artist, Bob's corporate career included Production, Operations, Sales, Management, and Project Management for various companies. This included regional responsibilities for an international clientele, and reporting for businesses ranging from family owned to Mid Cap 400 companies. Bob's business experiences encompass the gamut of the business world. From beginning status with door to door book sales, to operating heavy equipment, to project production and then management of corporate presences in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. A 6th degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, Bob is Owner and Chief Instructor of Dickson's Taekwondo in Acworth, Ga. Prior to that he managed and opened successful locations for his instructor. He then opened his own location with his wife Sharon, also a 5th degree Black Belt and Instructor, in 2003. Bob has also trained and earned Instructor status in Korean Sword Technique, Hanmudo, Grappling styles, Tactical Short Stick training, and Personal Safety Systems. He also regularly trains with fellow school owners, attends Continuing Education Seminars and Clinics with Masters, and participates in annual Black Belt training camps.

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