Who wants Pie?

During the holidays, I start to remember how much I used to like pie. Don’t get me wrong, Pie is tasty and scrumptious, but I just don’t eat it very often anymore.

This past Thanksgiving I started to realize how much “truth” is like Pie. Most people have a favorite flavor, and really enjoy a slice. They want to share theirs with the ones they love. When they have too much to keep to themselves, they start trying to give it away to complete strangers too.

If they still have a lot to give away, they start to get jealous of others who are trying to do the same thing with other flavors. Oddly enough, most to the attention at that point is given to the bad stuff in the opposition’s servings. The fact of the matter is that there is usually a mix of wholesome and “other stuff” in any flavor you choose.

The crazy thing is the fact that the particular flavor it takes its name from usually isn’t the main ingredient in the packaged product. Sometimes the wholesome stuff is in the crust, and sometimes in the filling. Sometimes the tastiest stuff isn’t the wholesome stuff either. (and we all know if we take too much of it in, bad things start to happen.)

To be honest, we’d probably all be better off if we just stuck to consuming the main ingredient and leaving out the other elements but it probably wouldn’t be as popular.

And don’t even get me started on Cake! Angel’s food, Devil’s food, Red Velvet…C’mon None of that stuff’s really in there!