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As we approach the holiday weekend, I first want to wish everyone a safe and happy time Holiday safe drivingwith friends, family and loved ones!

Part of our job is proactive personal safety, so time for a few thoughts before we go to our favorite holiday events.

According to a recent NBC News story, traffic deaths plummeted 40% between 1972 and 2013, but preliminary data gathered and reported by the National Safety Council in May (2015) that highway fatalities jumped 8% between Oct.1 2014 and March 31, 2015. That’s a big jump in deaths over a relatively short period of time!

The 4th of July is on a Saturday this year, and statistically, more cars will be on the road, so confusing_signs5an extra dose of vigilance would be appropriate.

Remember The Basics:

Proper use of seatbelts and car seats save hundreds of lives each year and yet many people still “forget to use them” …Please use them!

Speed limits: Traditionally more speeding related deaths occur during the summer months, invest a few seconds to make sure you arrive safely even if you’re “running behind schedule”.

Impaired driving…Oddly enough this is still the “single largest cause of motor vehicle fatalities”. Be vigilant and encourage others around you (especially our kids) to avoid riding with anyone who might possibly be”acting weird” or “under the influence”. There really is not much excuse not to call if someone needs a ride, right?

Distracted Driving is rapidly becoming the largest source of single car crashes. Whether texting, calling, emailing, checking yourself in the mirror, “rubbernecking at roadside 3KindsOfDistractedDrivingincidents” reaching back to get something, (or someone) in the back seat. Take a few seconds to pull over and then deal with whatever it is. Just think about this for a minute, even if you are the best at texting, calling, whatever…That makes everyone else worse at it than you; and you can’t look out for the numbskulls if you’re looking at something else even for a second.

Finally, whenever we do a talk about Personal Safety and protecting yourself, we talk about being aware of what is going on around you. In this case, the old idea of “Defensive Driving” or “watching out for the other guy” would be the golden rule.

With improved automotive safety features and increased technological capabilities, we sometimes forget that there are others outside of our cars that can literally make a tremendous impact on our lives and the lives all families involved. Be on the lookout for those threats.

Have great Holiday!

NYPD Blue: "Be safe out there!"
NYPD Blue:
“Be safe out there!”

Author: TKL-Bob1

With degrees in Biology and Economics, Bob represents a Business Oriented, Martial Arts perspective on life, a career based on a hunger for lifelong learning, and a passion for teaching. Prior to becoming a full time Martial Artist, Bob's corporate career included Production, Operations, Sales, Management, and Project Management for various companies. This included regional responsibilities for an international clientele, and reporting for businesses ranging from family owned to Mid Cap 400 companies. Bob's business experiences encompass the gamut of the business world. From beginning status with door to door book sales, to operating heavy equipment, to project production and then management of corporate presences in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. A 6th degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, Bob is Owner and Chief Instructor of Dickson's Taekwondo in Acworth, Ga. Prior to that he managed and opened successful locations for his instructor. He then opened his own location with his wife Sharon, also a 5th degree Black Belt and Instructor, in 2003. Bob has also trained and earned Instructor status in Korean Sword Technique, Hanmudo, Grappling styles, Tactical Short Stick training, and Personal Safety Systems. He also regularly trains with fellow school owners, attends Continuing Education Seminars and Clinics with Masters, and participates in annual Black Belt training camps.

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