3 Tips for the Holidays

We hope everyone has Safe and Happy holidays!

Regardless of your political or religious positions, you will most likely be out and about at some time in the midst of holiday festivities.

As Martial Arts instructors, one of our main areas of emphasis is personal safety. So here goes…Keyboard Warrior


 Remember networking and the 6 degrees of separation. That basically means that within your group of friends, you’re 6 layers of contacts from just about anyone else. While that means you might be only six conversations away from getting in touch with your favorite celebrity, it also unfortunately means that your high school “frenemy” may only be a couple of layers away from a shady someone who might want to visit your house while you’re away visiting relatives out of state. It’s great to share your photos of holiday festivities on Social Media, but it’s a better idea to share them after you’re back home.Be safe out there

At Home:

 Don’t advertise what you got for Christmas on Trash day! Break down boxes, turn them inside out and place them in bags and bins instead of proudly displaying the box your new 96” 4k HDTV came in.

An even better idea might be to make arrangements with a local store to accept your broken-down boxes for them to recycle. (Many Grocery stores and big box stores like Walmart usually have a deal with a local recycler.)Holiday safe driving

On the Road:

 Look out for the other guy! Aside from wearing seatbelts and avoiding “chemically enhanced” driving; being aware of what is going on around you is crucial. Because let’s face it, Not everyone is as great a driver as you are. Watch for erratic/aggressive driving, poor spacing or jerky motions. Give those folks lots of room! Give your phone to your Co-Pilot so you won’t have to read or respond to texts, or set an auto response indicating that you will get back to them as soon as you can.

Regardless of any presents you may give or receive, the Gifts of the holidays is your presence with family and loved ones, sharing your lives throughout the year; but especially in special times like this

Author: TKL-Bob1

With degrees in Biology and Economics, Bob represents a Business Oriented, Martial Arts perspective on life, a career based on a hunger for lifelong learning, and a passion for teaching. Prior to becoming a full time Martial Artist, Bob's corporate career included Production, Operations, Sales, Management, and Project Management for various companies. This included regional responsibilities for an international clientele, and reporting for businesses ranging from family owned to Mid Cap 400 companies. Bob's business experiences encompass the gamut of the business world. From beginning status with door to door book sales, to operating heavy equipment, to project production and then management of corporate presences in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. A 6th degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, Bob is Owner and Chief Instructor of Dickson's Taekwondo in Acworth, Ga. Prior to that he managed and opened successful locations for his instructor. He then opened his own location with his wife Sharon, also a 5th degree Black Belt and Instructor, in 2003. Bob has also trained and earned Instructor status in Korean Sword Technique, Hanmudo, Grappling styles, Tactical Short Stick training, and Personal Safety Systems. He also regularly trains with fellow school owners, attends Continuing Education Seminars and Clinics with Masters, and participates in annual Black Belt training camps.

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