Hello world!

Welcome to my Blog.

I am a Martial Arts Instructor and School Owner. I started out as a husband, Father and a “guy with a Regular Job”… who happened to start taking a traditional style of TaeKwonDo.

I had worked in Production, Sales and Management in companies that ranged from family owned enterprises to Mid-Cap 400 companies.

When I was first starting on the Black belt Path, I recognized I had unconsciously appliedĀ  a Martial Arts Mindset to my work, and was reaping unexpected benefits from it.

As I ramble through things,I will be focusing on Personal Development.

This will entail many aspects of Self Improvement.

While I will spend some time writing about Leadership and management concepts, I will also cover topics including Diet, Exercise and Attitude.

I invite you to read, share and contribute content that is compatible to this topic. While I concede that some topics will be “down to earth” I do not anticipate wallowing in the mire of Negativity.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me.