Perseverance: Sometimes “Winning” is just “Not Quitting”

Sometimes it is just facing the direction you need to go and taking one more step.

Sometimes it is just standing back up…again.

Sometimes it is just knowing you will stand up again;. or knowing you will attempt to.

When you face a tough season it is easy to think “When I get through this things will be better.” How you react when one serious blow is replaced by another and then another and then another is the key.

Hoping, Praying for relief, rescue and resolution can be destructive when relief, rescue or redemption don’t show up in a form you recognize.

Studies of Prisoners of War seem to show that those who pinned their hope on intervention or external events to end their suffering through peace talks, rescue missions or escape attempts suffered the most psychologically when events eventually “didn’t pan out” the way they hoped.

Prisoners who were determined to “survive, no matter what” weathered the storm better. While they worked for better outcomes and situations, maintained a positive outlook and strove to improve or maintain their condition; they did not rely on external forces to determine their fate. They “Embraced the suck”. they did not like it, but realized they did not need to. They took on the attitude that “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional”.

It is not enough to tell yourself (or your team) that “things will get better”. Focusing on surviving the moment and preparing for the next storm seems to enable survival better than hoping for relief. This is especially true when you find yourself in an environment when challenges roll in one after another and sometimes pile on top of each other.

Like it often does in life.

This is another reason it is more important to know how far you have come than to focus on how far you have to go.

See you on the mat.

3 Tips for the Holidays

We hope everyone has Safe and Happy holidays!

Regardless of your political or religious positions, you will most likely be out and about at some time in the midst of holiday festivities.

As Martial Arts instructors, one of our main areas of emphasis is personal safety. So here goes…Keyboard Warrior


 Remember networking and the 6 degrees of separation. That basically means that within your group of friends, you’re 6 layers of contacts from just about anyone else. While that means you might be only six conversations away from getting in touch with your favorite celebrity, it also unfortunately means that your high school “frenemy” may only be a couple of layers away from a shady someone who might want to visit your house while you’re away visiting relatives out of state. It’s great to share your photos of holiday festivities on Social Media, but it’s a better idea to share them after you’re back home.Be safe out there

At Home:

 Don’t advertise what you got for Christmas on Trash day! Break down boxes, turn them inside out and place them in bags and bins instead of proudly displaying the box your new 96” 4k HDTV came in.

An even better idea might be to make arrangements with a local store to accept your broken-down boxes for them to recycle. (Many Grocery stores and big box stores like Walmart usually have a deal with a local recycler.)Holiday safe driving

On the Road:

 Look out for the other guy! Aside from wearing seatbelts and avoiding “chemically enhanced” driving; being aware of what is going on around you is crucial. Because let’s face it, Not everyone is as great a driver as you are. Watch for erratic/aggressive driving, poor spacing or jerky motions. Give those folks lots of room! Give your phone to your Co-Pilot so you won’t have to read or respond to texts, or set an auto response indicating that you will get back to them as soon as you can.

Regardless of any presents you may give or receive, the Gifts of the holidays is your presence with family and loved ones, sharing your lives throughout the year; but especially in special times like this

Great water safety, Drowning Prevention Post




I was a “water baby”. Loved to be in the pool, lake, ocean, whatever. My mom was a strong swimmer, but my dad felt he was only able to survive in the water; not having any desire to be immersed in a body of water other than a bathtub.

So I got a lot of safety training, as well as more advanced water skills training. That being said, I’ve been in trouble in the water enough times to (hopefully) not get complacent while Water safety Key Pointsenjoying the lake, pool or ocean and occasional river. Things do happen unexpectedly. The old stand-byes of the buddy system and getting approval from parents as to where I was going, who I would be with, and when I would be back ran deep.

Several Years ago, There was a great article by Mario Vittone entitled “Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning” Its a great read and I strongly encourage you to follow the link to get to it. Please read his article, click here

I did a quick fact check and discovered that drowning is still considered by many  to be one of the top 10 causes of death in children under the age of 15.

The best advice he has in the article, but by no means the only gem is “children playing in the water make noise, When they get quiet, you get to them and find out why.”

Remember that distances are hard to guess over water. Swimming across the cove is usually not a good idea unless the swimmer is very strong.

As with any personal safety or protection scenario, keeping an eye out on your surroundings is cool at the pool!Safety First



Holiday Travel Tips

As we approach the holiday weekend, I first want to wish everyone a safe and happy time Holiday safe drivingwith friends, family and loved ones!

Part of our job is proactive personal safety, so time for a few thoughts before we go to our favorite holiday events.

According to a recent NBC News story, traffic deaths plummeted 40% between 1972 and 2013, but preliminary data gathered and reported by the National Safety Council in May (2015) that highway fatalities jumped 8% between Oct.1 2014 and March 31, 2015. That’s a big jump in deaths over a relatively short period of time!

The 4th of July is on a Saturday this year, and statistically, more cars will be on the road, so confusing_signs5an extra dose of vigilance would be appropriate.

Remember The Basics:

Proper use of seatbelts and car seats save hundreds of lives each year and yet many people still “forget to use them” …Please use them!

Speed limits: Traditionally more speeding related deaths occur during the summer months, invest a few seconds to make sure you arrive safely even if you’re “running behind schedule”.

Impaired driving…Oddly enough this is still the “single largest cause of motor vehicle fatalities”. Be vigilant and encourage others around you (especially our kids) to avoid riding with anyone who might possibly be”acting weird” or “under the influence”. There really is not much excuse not to call if someone needs a ride, right?

Distracted Driving is rapidly becoming the largest source of single car crashes. Whether texting, calling, emailing, checking yourself in the mirror, “rubbernecking at roadside 3KindsOfDistractedDrivingincidents” reaching back to get something, (or someone) in the back seat. Take a few seconds to pull over and then deal with whatever it is. Just think about this for a minute, even if you are the best at texting, calling, whatever…That makes everyone else worse at it than you; and you can’t look out for the numbskulls if you’re looking at something else even for a second.

Finally, whenever we do a talk about Personal Safety and protecting yourself, we talk about being aware of what is going on around you. In this case, the old idea of “Defensive Driving” or “watching out for the other guy” would be the golden rule.

With improved automotive safety features and increased technological capabilities, we sometimes forget that there are others outside of our cars that can literally make a tremendous impact on our lives and the lives all families involved. Be on the lookout for those threats.

Have great Holiday!

NYPD Blue: "Be safe out there!"
NYPD Blue:
“Be safe out there!”